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Pay no additional recruitment fees, no matter how many staff you hire.


Find the best candidates yourself using our unique database search facility.

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Download CVs from shortlisted candidates and contact them directly.

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ALL companies, large and small, can now afford to recruit the staff they need with our low cost recruitment model.

Talent Chamber, part of the South East London Chamber of Commerce, is dedicated to revolutionising local recruitment. We aim to provide the best, local, low cost recruitment portal available at costs so low, they are practically insignificant.

No Placement Fees

Most importantly, we do not charge placement fees, which means that businesses don’t pay anything extra if they find a suitable candidate.

List Jobs for just £99

Advertise your vacancy with our job listings and reach thousands of local candidates quickly and efficiently. Candidates looking for your type of job will immediately be notified of your vacancy, which means that you could receive candidate responses very quickly.

Search our database of Candidates

As a membership site, Talent Chamber will is able to provide a very exciting, unique recruitment facility: you now have the ability to search through our entire database of candidates to identify your ideal match without waiting for recruitment agents.

Register today and find that Talent.

How Does It Work?


How does Membership work?

Talent Chamber allows all members to search through our database of candidates, providing exceptional value when compared with traditional recruitment.

For the security of our candidates, access to the site, including the ability to list jobs, is restricted to members only.

Talent Chamber’s low cost recruitment model means that recruitment won’t break the bank anymore.

Thanks to our candidate search facility, you can now recruit as many new staff members as you want from just £99 per year.

Register as an employer member today and gain immediate access.

How do I sign-up?

Follow this link to the Employer Membership Page, where you will find the options to sign up your preferred annual membership plan.

How do I list a job?

Once you have registered as a member, you will select your local region (e.g. South East London).

In this region, you will find your employer profile section. Browse to the Jobs section and add a new job listing.

Hint: You will need to purchase a job listing (£99) before it will be activated. If you have more than one job listing that you would like to advertise, you can also purchase job listing packages, which work out cheaper than buying them individually.

How do I search for candidates?

Our unique search facility which allows you to find relevant candidates for your vacancy is one of the most powerful parts of Talent Chamber.

As a registered member of Talent Chamber, you will be able to search through our database of candidates. Using keywords, qualifications and experience filters, you will be able to quickly and easily identify suitable candidates.

In a time-pressed world, waiting for recruitment agencies to present you with candidates can feel like an eternity. Search our database and get immediate results.

Why are there no placement fees?

Talent Chamber is a job portal, not an agency. This means that we are able to offer low cost recruitment to everyone without the need to charge rediculous placement fees. This makes recruitment affordable for everyone, including you.

We don’t offer advice on suitable candidates, nor will we be trying to sell you unsuitable ones. However, we do provide the most efficient, low cost recruitment mechanism for you to find the local staff that you need, when you need it.

Ultimately, this means that we don’t need to charge placement fees, which will save you a small fortune.


Tell me about registration

Registration is free for all candidates.

The registration process is extremely quick (you can even join using your Facebook account).

Register as a candidate today and immediately gain access to current jobs.

You can also view employer profiles to understand the type of company you are applying to work for. Different businesses have different work practices, so ensure you find a company that you will fit into.

How will Talent Chamber help me?

Talent Chamber is one of the only places available to you where you can promote yourself locally, without recruitment agencies interfering.

Why is this important?

If you do not have years of relevant experience, then recruitment agencies are usually not interested in you.

Talent Chamber does not differentiate between experienced and inexperienced individuals. We know that everyone has strengths, and we want you to shine in the way you know best, allowing employers to find you and your strengths.

With Talent Chamber, YOU have the control to promote yourself the way you want to, and to the employers you want to reach.

Sign up today (it is free) and find out how quickly Talent Chamber helps you get that special job.

What information do I need to add?

Setting up your candidate profile is similar to setting up a LinkedIn profile, where you can add as much, or as little, as you want.

If you want people to search for you, ensure that you use specific words that describe your skills, personality, experience and qualifications. If you don’t include it, it can’t be found!

So…register now, its free, and let those employers find you.

How do I upload my CV?

In recruitment, the CV is your most powerful tool. Employers will usually want to see your full CV, so make sure that you have uploaded it.

Once you login, and go to your selected regional site, you should go to your profile area. This is where you can upload your CV.

It is likely that, without a CV, you may lose vital opportunities to be invited for an interview. If all of the other shortlisted candidates have CVs and you don’t, they will be selected ahead of you.

No CV leaves a very poor first impression…one you should avoid at all costs.

If you don’t have a CV yet, then create your profile, and return to your profile to upload it as soon as you have it ready.

How do I sign-up?

Follow this link to the Candidates Registration page where you will be able to sign up and get started.

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